Find the moments

Maybe life is like the sunset.

Brilliant bursts of colorful light that saturates the sky

and paints the landscape

in wide brushstrokes of radiance.

But, only for a few fleeting minutes a day. 

What if we took the time to chase it- life -

like some of us do the sunset.

What if we made it our mission to find the moments in our days,

in our years,

in our lives,

that flood us with a magnifying beauty so enrapturing 

that all we can do is stand in awe.




And waiting for it to happen all again tomorrow. 

The sun rises and sets every day.

Maybe we just need to chase the color we have been missing -

And feel the light breeze on our skin

as we exhale.


Welcome to my blog.


Sunset over my happy place

Sunset over my happy place